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Welcome to the Jigsaw Recovery Project

We aim to help at risk people leaving local authority care

How and why we work with other services
Jigsaw Recovery Project work with some of the most disadvantaged children and young people in society. Many of the young people that we work with are nearing the end of their journey through the care system and have experienced multiple failed placements. Our aim is to recognise the complexity of need that people can have and to develop bespoke support packages that focus on making positive progress whilst still celebrating individuality. By ensuring that the needs, wishes and feelings of those that we work with are the cornerstone of the support that deliver we hope to build relationships that are characterised by warmth, stability and understanding.
Our staff have lived experience of many of the challenges and difficulties that children and young people may encounter, including substance misuse, mental health issues, the care system and homelessness. This helps facilitate empathetic and non-judgemental relationships with those that we support that are based on trust and mutual understanding. Ultimately, the lived experience of our staff can afford a level of insight into people’s lives that may be missing in the work carried out by other organisations. We have unwavering faith in people’s potential for positive change and will never say that we are unable to support a child or young person in some capacity.

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How we facilitate system change

System change is at heart of Jigsaw Recovery Project’s ideology and we seek to give our young people a platform from which their voices can be heard. We are currently working toward engaging our young care leavers in a client-led forum so that their voice can have impact on a local level, as well as be heard on a national scale and contribute toward helping shape wider organisational change. The project is funded by the Lankelly Chase Foundation and is a collaborative effort between several organisations and stakeholders in the Gateshead area.

We are passionate about encouraging the young people we work with to support others who may be facing similar challenges in life, and we continually look to gain their insight on our key areas such as addiction, mental health and housing. This helps ensure that whilst Jigsaw Recovery Project continues to develop it nevertheless remains resolutely person-centred. We see our young people as more than just service users and promote the view that they are our most valuable resource. We recognise that they offer an unprecedented level of insight into a world of fear, rejection, change and hope.

Our future aim is that our young care leavers are empowered to present ideas that will help facilitate system change and make fundamental changes to the way in which services are delivered. We have a vision where young people who have been supported by Jigsaw Recovery Project are given the tools to create their own support service, with strategic decision-making controlled by those who have completed the journey for themselves.  

“You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” 

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Meet the Team

All members of the Jigsaw Recovery Project have first hand lived experience of working with or being service users.

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