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“I went quad biking with Jigsaw on the 9 august to Slayley Hall, it was a good day, it was something I have never done before and I would defiantly do it again.  It made me feel happy and excited. When I was out with Jigsaw I never thought about using substances that I normally use daily. We then went for lunch to Burger King which was my choice. “


When we met up at the JRP office there was supposed to be three clients turned up to go along with two staff members for the fun filled afternoon. This was the client’s choice as their reward activity for the hard work and engagement put into the project. Due to unforeseen circumstances two of the clients were unable to attend and this had been paid for and was none refundable so we took along a volunteer and swapped the other space for the go pro camera so as the client has a video of his session quad biking. We felt the session went well and the client has said that how it made him feel better about himself, we as staff seen his confidence grow throughout the day and it was a joy to watch whilst listening to his excitement of the experience.

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